Blue Suites Hotel: In North Bogota

Blue Suites Hotel is located in the Chico area, an exclusive area of ??Bogota. Just a few minutes from Parque de la 93, the best restaurants of international and fusion cuisine, bars, banks, art galleries and major shopping centers, as well as most important avenues, such as Autopista Norte, Carrera 15, Carrera 30 and Carrera Septima, that will take you to different areas of the city.

Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, you will find the perfect location to stay here!


The hotel is close to strategic places for business and pleasure, this really makes the difference, spacially having the advantage of being in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Bogota.

Place Distance* Time*
El Dorado International Airport 18 km 30 minutes
Embassy of the United States of America 15 km 25 minutes
Corferias 15 km 25 minutes
Center of Bogota 15 km 25 minutes
La Candelaria 15 km 25 minutes
Parque de la 93 1 km 5 minutes (walking)
Andino Shopping Center 3 km 8 minutes
Atlantis Shopping Center 3 km 8 minutes
Unicentro Shopping Center 3 km 10 minutes
Bogota World Trade Center 2 km 10 minutes
Woman’s Clinic 1 km 5 minutes (walking)
Barraquer Clinic 2 km 10 minutes

*Estimated time. Time varies according to the conditions of mobility in the city of Bogota.